Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothering Sunday

This past weekend the market was all about mother's day flowers, leeks, and garden starts. It seemed like these were the only things for sale. Even the usually well stocked Nash's and Full Circle Farms were looking pretty sparse.

It is definitely the time to purchase garden starts and there were tomato, lettuce, and herb plants for sale at most of the booths.

I wish gardening wasn't forbidden this year because every time I see those flats of starts I want to put in a great big vegetable garden. There is nothing more local than the food you grow yourself. Even if you only have a balcony you can plant herbs and lettuces in large pots and have half a salad at your finger tips.

I can't plant anything new this year but my efforts from years past are starting to pay off. The raspberry canes we planted last year are bushy and healthy and have started putting out buds so we will have berries later this summer!! Hurrah!

I am still hoping to get a pot of basil going in my kitchen for later this summer and I would love to get some of those juicy tomato plants...maybe I can convince Daniel to get his hands a little dirty.

It's planting get out there and grow your own food.


  1. yeah, herbs in the kitchen! you can even grow lettuce in those clambshell containers on the window sill if you feel like it.

    i'll bring you the peppers and tomatoes that will hopefully sprout profusely once my starters get off the ground. here's to hoping :) xo

  2. Yes!! I would love Cindy-grown veggies this summer :)

  3. nice pics lady! i can't wait to go to the farmer's market with a real expert...